Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the AS 6 effect!

I am so lost.
What do I currently do with my life? CA (Chartered Accountancy).
Do I want to do it? Nah.
What else? I go to office and work 9 to 19.
Do I like it? No.
Have I gone out with girls? Yes.
Did I like them? Not three of them after a month.
I am twenty, have I ever been in love? Yes, once when I was 18 and a half, it was awesome, but she dumped me after a month. I deserved it.
Will she dump me again, the way I am now? Probably not, I don’t know.
Well then what do I know? I know I don’t like my hair & I am in a group of losers who are all opposites of what I am.
All of them are losers? Ummm… except Supreet.
What do I think of me? I don’t like my hair. I love my attitude. I hate my family background. It’s good for a family guy. I am not a family man. I want to go out there.
What do I want to do then? I want to study mass-communication.
Why? That’s into my groove, go out there, have fun, do as you like. Do something for the society and be Bindhaast.
What am I reading right now? Accounting Standard 6: Depreciation accounting.
What would I rather read? Sophie’s World. It’s a gift from friends on my birthday, just what I wanted., I told them to get this, I didn’t want to be disappointed.
What do I like, that’s a part of my life? Well, my camera and my I pod, I bought both by myself, mom-dad wouldn’t have. My dad. I love Pink Floyd, my books, my legs. I love Pune, the city I live in.
Why do I like Pune so much? NO, this is about me, not about Pune, don’t start again. CYG is going on by the way!!
Hmmmm… what else? NM.
OK. A test. OK.
Tell me, what is the treatment in the books of accounts for the change in method of depreciation as per AS 6? You change it retrospectively., right from the date of acquisition.
What is the treatment of change in method of disposal of life? Ummm… you certainly can’t change it retrospectively, but what you do is, credit whatever the life has taught you so far and debit whatever you feel it has taken away from the date of acquisition.
In this method balance of the Life Fund a/c depends on your point of view.
But you can’t do anything retrospectively. Trop dommage!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The golden Dust!

When you have enough time even after being in the fast lane of the city, you ensure a peaceful stroll around it.
You start discovering the branches nascent from a crowded main road. A walk from one obvious road in the middle of the heart, to a street like artery, you may find yourself on one of the many simple bridges on the petty river. Standing in the middle of the bridge you gaze at the humble flow and slowly look up. Wind ruffling your hair and you see a chain of parallel bridges with a golden dusty aura around them! As if they were safeguarding the by-passers. you stare at the ensemble and find the Sun up there, smiling at you appreciating your aesthetics sense. Blessing the soul of the city & inturn you.
God bless you!